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The Dutch Working Conditions Act states that the tanks on tanker ships laden (or previously laden) with cargoes of hazardous substances or toxic gasses must undergo mandatory gasfree inspections by an approved gas-doctor before repairs can be carried out on the ship.

VANDERPERS MARITIME BV(NL) and CHEMEX BV (BE) have the required statutory licenses, hence their independent Marine Chemists, otherwise known as gas doctors, are qualified to conduct such gasfree inspections.

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Gas doctors with 25 years of experience in gas detection

Our legally registered (SKO-HOBEON) Expert Marine Chemists, gained their experience over a period of more than twenty-five years in the industrial field of toxic and flammable gas measurements and gas detection for the chemical industry, ship-repair (inland navigation, seagoing vessels and other marine shipping) as well as with international salvage operations involving dangerous cargoes, hazardous substances, toxic gasses and with hazardous materials handling.

Safety and Working Conditions (at sea)

Safety and Working Conditions (at sea)

In addition, we supply services related to safe and healthy working conditions (at open sea) in circumstances in which toxic gasses and hazardous substances are involved. Our team of Expert Marine Chemists and Marine Fire fighters (specialized in the combat of complex ships- fires on the high seas) are on 24/7 standby in the event shipping incidents occur at open sea. The team is fully equipped/prepared and can be deployed to worldwide locations within the shortest notice!

All our gas measurements, inspections and the issue of official health and safety declarations are conducted in accordance with the Working Conditions Decree, Article 3.5g, and the Working Conditions Regulations, Chapter 4. (International legislation or local labor regulations may apply and shall when applicable then be integrated in our reports).

Our registrations and personal certifications are always up to date.

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Gas-free inspection